We are enablers of security
and freedom

Evolution of the traditional government contracting firm

Our Team

Jessica Bolger


Caroline Chewning


Ryan Davies


Robert Karlen


Gabe LaMois


Killian Lennon


Chrystina Meador

Executive Assistant

Emmy Pauley


Jerome Posatko

Partner and CFO

John Price

Partner and COO

Joy A. Shanaberger

Founding Partner and CEO

We expedite

  • Provide operators with cutting-edge tools that make them safer and more effective.
  • Reduce inefficiencies and confusion between the government and private sectors.
  • Redefine the national security procurement industry with modern acquisition practices and uniquely positioned contract vehicles.

How we do it

If your company or agency doesn’t have one of three, or all three of these things – we establish it.

  • Mandate – is there a requirement and contract vehicle for your company’s solution?
  • Authority – is there decision-making buy-in on the importance of creating a mandate?
  • Will – is the market ready to accept this solution and establish demand (end-users and action officers who can help make this happen)?