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Modern Warfare: From the Field to the Screen

Boone works hard to be at the nexus of technology and innovation. We seek those who go above and beyond, bringing their resiliency to new experiences while opening the door for others to do the same. As we celebrate the end of Asian American and Pacific Islander month, we highlight someone who embodies resiliency, innovation, and excitement all at once: Tu Lam, the inspiration for the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s newest Operator Ronin.

Born in Vietnam in 1974, Tu Lam escaped communist rule with his family following the Vietnam War. Growing up in North Carolina, Lam was introduced to military service through the Green Beret program and later joined the US Army in 1993. He spent his years in service diffusing bombs from the Vietnam War among many other acts of heroism. After 22 years of service in the Army special forces, Lam retired and later was used as a model for the character Ronin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He worked with the Call of Duty team to build a character with realistic movements, weaponry, and experiences to make this game something different for consumers. His character was given specialty moves relating to Lam's movements, and his likeness was used for the character's appearance. Ronin is one of the top-performing characters, showcasing Lam as an inspiration for many who enjoy the Call of Duty franchise.

As Boone works in the space between government and technology through our solutions, we look to individuals like Lam for stories of success, innovation, and inspiration to take new technologies in stride. The Talent Engine works to support and match people who go above and beyond both in military service and beyond, in finding their niche of success. Following his service, Lam was able to find new ways to support the warfighter through his actions and establishing a company, while maintaining a standard of excellence that Boone strives to match. Are you ready to learn more about our engines? Click below.

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