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Leveraging AI for Company Mission Success

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

With more industries embracing AI and machine learning to connect and analyze existing data, industries like finance, healthcare, and insurance are enabling faster decision-making and safer, more confident risk-taking. In short, these technologies are driving cost-effective advances that would otherwise only be possible with colossal teams of human capital—or, in many cases, not achievable at all with human power alone.

With industry taking huge steps to adopt and integrate these technologies into their day-to-day business, the government is now starting to dip its toes into the water, exploring ways to utilize AI and machine learning, engage with technology to detect cyber threats faster, predict traffic congestion issues, improve administrative tasks such as immigration processing, and a multitude of other tasks.

“Something that we’ve run into issues with is that the way the government currently purchases AI is through individual algorithms,” said Robert Karlen, a Client Manager at Boone. “The government is going out into the private sector and soliciting research and development opportunities to develop singular algorithms for use within a government-created system. So what they want from the private sector is a single algorithm that does a single thing.”

“A lot of AI platforms out there aren’t compatible with the way the government buys AI, so we really need to educate the government that there are opportunities beyond just buying algorithms,” Karlen continued.

While the government has been exploring various AI capabilities, there is still some hesitation, especially as it relates to serving the government and its workforce. Some worry surrounds workforce replacement and some around ensuring ethical and safe AI. However, Gartner recently found that 53 percent of government workers “who have used AI say the tech provides insights to help them do their job better.”

As AI and machine learning technologies continue to evolve, it’s clear that the government will need to find new tools that help it improve existing processes and complete new tasks.

Similarly, organizations looking to engage with the government can benefit immensely from AI and machine learning tools. The ability to increase workplace efficiency and the accuracy of decisions can present meaningful productivity and financial benefits to companies looking to engage with the government to provide services and products.

At Boone, we see the potential for AI and machine learning to become an asset to our work, our clients, and our mission. One way we’ve done this is by embracing AI and machine learning to meet and power our clients’ talent needs. With so many organizations looking to build new tools for the government and scaling talent, it can be hard to find the right talent to accomplish your mission. Our talent engine tackles this problem head-on for you -- not replacing talent with AI, but using AI to identify, build, and deploy high-performing talent to missions that matter.

Our process automates user workflows to provide transparency for applicants and reduces your time spent on administrative tasks that take you away from your mission at hand. This is just one way we utilize cutting-edge technology to improve and enhance the way companies engage and do business with the government. We understand that new technology helps win battles and overcome our most pressing challenges and that the right talent secures our future. Click here to schedule time with us to learn more about our talent engine and how it can benefit your organization.

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