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Building Connections: Art Brings Perspective to Modern Innovation

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

“I was blown away … the artist did a perfect job capturing everything we that we described, boiling Boone down to its core: we’re just working to create efficiencies between technology and the end-users that need those things to be as effective as they can be.” – Jerome Posatko (CFO)

A New Look

If you stop by Boone HQ, you might notice something new. We’ve been keeping this project under wraps, but now that the install is complete, we’re excited to present our latest installation and the story behind it.

While these [30" x 40"] hand painted masterpieces are brand new, the imagery and the message they convey is something we have always talked about. The piece displays the legacy and identity Boone was founded on, and serves as a reflection of our deep-rooted support for the military community.

The long-awaited grand reveal took place Sunday, Oct. 17th, 2021, at Boone HQ. In attendance were our very own Jerome Posatko (CFO) and Joy Shanaberger (CEO). The commissioned work was a passion project from start to finish, with strong ties to Boone’s values. Created by artist Invader Girl, the mind behind Black Canvas LLC, the piece offered a unique opportunity to work with a self-taught artist raised in military communities around the world.

Expressing Boone

In a fitting manner, this project came to fruition on the weekend of September 11th, 2021, when Boone’s team members attended the second annual DC Special Operations Golf Classic. This event, benefiting the 6:8 Foundation, was a wonderful opportunity for Boone to help provide support to families of deployed Special Operations professionals. As luck would have it, during the outing, the team won the experience to collaborate with Invader Girl to create unique artwork based on Boone’s ideas. Together, they decided that this piece needed to express Boone as a whole – from the story of Alberta Boone, why the name was chosen, the vision, and our current projects.

The idea stuck in her mind, Invader Girl said, “I have to paint. Once an idea comes to life, it has to get done” – and the project was on its way.

Invader Girl’s military upbringing and focus on Veterans in her work made her a perfect match for our message. Once completed, she stated that working on this reminded her that, “What we do today echoes on.” Finding connection to the story, she continued, “Alberta Boone’s story and drive echoes today in Boone. I hope the piece serves as a reminder and inspires everyone who sees it to build their own echo.”

The Final Piece

The final piece displays two main figures connected by the Boone logo. Jerome was struck by the message it gave off, “I was blown away … Here you’ve got this WWII era munitions worker, a woman creating a shell and essentially handing it to a modern-day operator,” a relationship that Boone highlights in daily operations.

The piece speaks to unique lines of connectivity that have been established through Boone’s missions and passion for our work. We see it as a visual representation of our story, our people, and our goals.

At Boone, we strive to take the echo of our past and translate it into modern achievements. Our history is built on the strength and values of those before us, but our future is built on the successes of modernization.

There is something poetic about the connection between a blank canvas, a realization of a vision, and a finalized piece. Boone is past the point of a blank canvas. With a team we can be proud of, and a mission that keeps those around us safe, the path to a finalized piece is in sight. We have built a foundation of values that we hold dearly, and we are excited to have a masterpiece that helps others see the vision.

Thank you to Invader Girl and USASOC for providing us with this amazing piece and we can’t wait to continue to show off your work.

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