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Boldy Serving: Lt. Col. Bree Fram

At Boone, we love to highlight talented individuals who are boldly serving in their respective fields. As we close out Pride Month, we recognize Lt. Col. Bree Fram for her work as an astronautical engineer in the U.S. Space Force.

Fram publicly came out as a transgender service member in 2016, following the initial lifting of the Armed Forces ban. She was met with positive reinforcement from her colleagues, having several members mention that it was an honor to serve with her in the U.S. Space Force. Fram has since launched an organization called Sparta, advocating for other transgender service members. As the current highest-ranking transgender officer, she is opening doors for those around her to be proud of their respective identities while seeking to serve our country.

Boone is passionate about finding the best fit talent for the right roles. Our Talent Engine seeks to place and educate veterans and current contractors for the best end results. As Lt. Col. Bree Fram has stated, “our country has to be able to tap into whomever is ready and willing to serve” to move the war machine in a positive direction. This Pride Month, we celebrate those who are proud to serve and who continue to open the door to service members every day.

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